Campaigners are urging the Government to pause a new collection of pupil data amid fears it will put sensitive information about vulnerable children at risk. From 18 January, local authorities will record information on the reasons children are transferred from mainstream education – information including mental health issues, pregnancy and youth offences. The data, which can be recorded without the consent of parents, will be connected to the child’s name and stored in the national pupil database, where it will never be deleted. Read more

It was announced on Monday morning that the construction firm Carillion, which works closely with the government on a huge range of outsourced projects, is to go into liquidation. The company works with almost 900 schools. In a statement, the government said it had been working with councils and academy trusts since before Christmas to ‘make sure contingency plans are in place’. Read more

A top primary school has reportedly banned girls under eight from wearing the hijab.St Stephen’s, in the London borough of Newham, has also told parents their children should not fast during the school day in the month of Ramadan, The Sunday Times reported. Read more

The battle against fake news is about to make its way into classrooms, as primary schools are sought for a pilot scheme to teach children how to critically analyse online information. The News Wise programme wants to see ‘news literacy’ included in the school curriculum, beginning with pilots to teach children in years five and six how to access, navigate, analyse and participate in the news. Read more