This is the final posting of the school year. I’m heading off to do some reading, thinking and finding an answer to the question, ‘What does  Christians in Education need to do next?’ Have a restful summer and we look forward to seeing you again in September.

To the affluent commuters passing by, Vishnitz Girls School looks like any other well-maintained North London townhouse. Were it not for a glimpse of white-shirted backs hunched over desks in the front room, you would not even suspect it was a school. But it is currently under attack from a force which wants to see it, and other faith schools like it, conform to a different ideology or be summarily closed down. Read more

The Ofsted ratings of more than 700 schools have been wiped clean after becoming an academy or rebrokering, a Schools Week analysis reveals. There are hundreds of thousands of pupils in these sponsored academies, many of which were categorised as underperforming by the education watchdog before having their Ofsted grades removed. Read more

Bringing drag queens into Scotland’s primary schools for story hours with pupils could be an ideal way to challenge gender stereotypes, the head of a leading Scottish inclusion group has said. Drag Queen Story Hour, an initiative gathering momentum in the US is coming to Britain with schemes being developed in Birmingham and Bristol. Read more

Tens of thousands of pupils, families and teachers could be affected if judges decide a Birmingham Islamic school illegally discriminated against pupils by separating girls and boys from the age of nine, a court has heard. Lawyers for the Al-Hijrah school, a state-funded Islamic school, argued mixed-sex schools across the country that practise gender segregation could face upheaval and uncertainty if they were forced to change the way they operate following a legal appeal by Ofsted. Read more