INTRODUCING JOHN SHORTT – Christians in Education


For any readers who don’t know John Shortt, let me introduce you to him via his website

Crammed full of all sorts of useful information, John offers links to other useful websites, articles, books and quotations – a veritable cornucopia derived from his extensive experience, ideal for all Christians who teach or work in the world of education. Browsing the site is rather like spending time in your favourite bookshop – you’re not quite sure where to look next, knowing that wherever you do look,  you’re sure to be occupied for a good while. For me, the best section is the one which John rather euphemistically describes as his ‘scribblings‘ – links to his articles and writings from a range of publications.

Born and brought up in Ireland, John came to faith in his teens. His speaking and writing are imbued with an obvious love of teaching and learning;  just as obvious is his desire to bring a Christian perspective to bear on education. The My Story section of the website details the many areas of work in which John has been involved and  demonstrates the extent of his contribution.

John’s life and work have been, and continue to be, an inspiration to many. He is a wise, perceptive and thought-provoking writer and speaker, with a rare ability to communicate profound truth very simply. For me, particularly as an erstwhile Primary English specialist, the greatest joy in hearing him speak derives from his love of story and his firm conviction that it is through storying that we communicate those profound truths.

When talking to teachers about people involved in exploring Christian perspectives in education, the response I most often hear is ‘If only I’d known!’   So if you are a Christian involved in any way in education, whether as a teacher, support worker, governor or parent, drop in on John’s site when you have a moment and have a look around.  Better still, settle down with a cup of coffee and browse. Then you will know!