KNOWLEDGE – Christians in Education


Religious education in England’s schools needs a total overhaul to bring the subject into the 21st Century, argues a report.  Religious belief has changed sharply in recent years but religious education has not kept pace, says the Goldsmiths, University of London, report. ‘Content should reflect the real religious landscape,’ said co-author Adam Dinham. The government says its approach promotes knowledge of all religions. Read more

One in 10 children was obese at the start primary school in England last year but one in five was obese by the end, according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre. Although figures for Reception children have fallen slightly, the figures for obesity in Year 6 are on the rise. Children living in the most deprived areas were twice as likely to be obese as children in affluent areas. Campaigners said the figures should act as a wake-up call. Read more

Based on data from a range of different reports into children and young people’s mental health, former head Peter Tait concludes that at some schools, the pursuit of academic success is encouraged to the detriment of pupil well-being, while other schools use ‘anxiety and fear of failure’ to drive performance. The need for urgent and concerted action can no longer be ignored, he says. Read more

Another study shows that more than half of parents in England have never spoken to their children about stress, anxiety or depression. A poll of more than 1,100 parents found that 55% had not spoken about the subject to their offspring. Of those, 20% said they did not know how to address the issue. The survey results have been released as part of a campaign, funded by the Department of Health, to break down the stigma associated with mental health. Read more

In the heart of Silicon Valley is a school where employees of tech giants Google, Apple and Yahoo send their children. But despite its location in America’s digital centre, there is not an iPad, smartphone or screen in sight. Instead teachers prefer a more hands-on, experiential approach to learning that contrasts sharply with the rush to fill classrooms with the latest electronic devices. Read more

Mark Ward, the BBC’s technology correspondent writes: ‘I am an idiot. A tyrant. Vindictive. Ignorant and old. Uncaring, too. There have been tears, expletives, and I have been threatened with violence on several occasions. Why? All because I’m using technology to limit the amount of time my two 12-year-olds spend online or playing games.’ How can you tame your children’s computer habits? Read more