KNOWLEDGE – Christians in Education


The Muslim Council of Britain has defended church schools’ record on the admission of Muslim pupils amid claims the schools are ‘not as inclusive as is claimed’. The BHA has released analysis claiming that only a third of Church of England and Catholic schools in areas where most young people identify as Muslims have a Muslim-majority intake. Read more

Several national newspapers this week reported Brent Council as the first in Britain to allow multi-belief school assemblies in place of daily Christian worship – but Schools Week has found little evidence for the claim, with the council insisting its schools have been able to do this for 11 years. Read more

A poll commissioned by BBC Radio 5 live’s Afternoon Edition found a quarter (25%) of parents say that they had often lost sleep with worry over their kids’ exams. Twenty four per cent felt their mental health had been affected by the pressure of their children’s exams. Read more

Although the seeds of our morality are present very early, so too are the seeds of our bigotry. Through development, morality appears to be a battle between natural selfish desires and equally natural pro-social concerns. This tension is well illustrated in the development of fairness and sharing in young children. Read more