NEWS – Christians in Education


Catholic schools in Britain must not be allowed to be ‘homophobic’ and oppose gay marriage, the government’s top advisor on community integration has said. Speaking to MPs on Monday, Dame Louise Casey hit out at ‘religious conservativism’, which she called ‘anti-equalities’, likening conservative Christianity to extreme Islam. Read more

The Department for Education is recruiting a team of ‘behavioural insights’ experts to aid ministers in their policymaking decisions. The move is aimed at changing the ‘culture’ of the department with psychology specialists applying behavioural science from the start when new education policies are developed. Read more

Universities could be forced to cater to the demands of a generation of sensitive ‘snowflake’ students if controversial reforms to the rankings system are approved next week, according to leading academics. The Government faced cross-party rebellion when the proposed reforms to put student satisfaction at the heart of university league tables came before the House of Lords this week. Read more

The government has rejected a bid to open a Jewish free school in London after criticising its plans to dedicate 20 per cent of learning time to faith-based education. But the ruling raises questions about the government’s approach to considering faith free-school bids, especially in the context of a recent consultation that proposes the relaxation of admissions rules. Read more

A UK primary school head teacher has provoked a mixed reaction after telling parents they could be fined if children are repeatedly late. Catherine Stalham sent round a recent newsletter in which she said any pupils arriving after the 9am bell will be marked as late from April 1 onwards. Read more

This week, the Prime Minister set out her vision for a shared society, the government’s role within it and how to transform mental health support. ‘The shared society’, she said, ‘is one that doesn’t just value our individual rights but focuses rather more on the responsibilities we have to one another’. Read more