NEWS – Christians in Education


Theresa May paved the way for a new generation of grammar schools on Wednesday, as her chancellor used the budget to push ahead with a controversial policy that is seen as a key priority for the prime minister. Philip Hammond will plough £320m into expanding the government’s free school programme. Read more

There are reasons for optimism, and encouraging signs that youth work is valued and people want to support it. It is still not clear that funding will follow the rhetoric, however. If it really is important to give young people the opportunity to lead, shape and strengthen our communities, then let’s stop talking about it and invest in it. Read more

Amanda Spielman has pledged to continue ‘inspecting the inspectors’ as part of a new Ofsted research drive after publishing a landmark reliability study. During the process, safeguards had to be strengthened after inspectors were found talking to each other which, in one case, influenced the outcome. Read more

The next update of the education system will have to ensure that Singapore can create a more equitable society, build a stronger social compact among its people while at the same time develop capabilities for the new digital economy. Government policies are moving away from unhealthy obsession with grades and want to put more emphasis on the importance of values. Read more