NEWS – Christians in Education


Delegates at the National Association of Headteachers annual conference in Shropshire unanimously passed a motion to ‘deplore’ a spate of recent instances where inspectors had made ‘inconsistent’ judgements on safeguarding measures. In some cases, this resulted in inspectors ‘automatically failing’ schools on safeguarding, occasionally over spurious reasons. Read more

Referral figures for the Tavistock clinic have risen from 1,419 last year to a total of 2,016 this year, an increase of 42%. The number of children who feel they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’ and need to transition to the opposite sex continues to soar. And it is the media which has facilitated the speedy public ‘acceptance and recognition’ of not just ‘transgender and gender diverse people’ but the completely new belief that children are ‘transgender,’ together with the idea that invasive medical intervention is a necessity. Read more

Roman Catholics in Britain were a persecuted minority for centuries and, though discrimination has long been outlawed, the church hierarchy now feels threatened by an increasingly secular society. They defend their schools fiercely. ’The Church of England runs schools for the wider community, Malcolm McMahon, the Archbishop of Liverpool says. ‘Ours are different. They are for the Catholic community.’ Read more

Police have urged more London schools to install metal scanners to protect children from rising violent crime as the death toll of under-25s from stabbings in the capital this year reached 17. The ‘knife arches’ are one of a range of measures the Metropolitan police believe can help prevent attacks with bladed weapons. Read more