NEWS – Christians in Education


Some of Britain’s top private schools have revealed that they have invited lawyers to teach students about consent in sex-education classes. The schools have held workshops hosted by the Schools Consent Project, which is staffed by legally trained volunteers. The lessons focus on sexual consent ‘in legal terms’: they are designed to teach children about what counts as legitimate consent in the eyes of the law. Read more

Christian politicians are adding their voices to a call for the Prime Minister to better-support marriage and family life in the UK. Conservative MPs Fiona Bruce and Caroline Spelman are among the signatories of a new family charter which makes 18 recommendations. Fiona Bruce said: “As the Prime Minister returns to Downing Street after the summer recess this manifesto ensures that she will be well-equipped to make tackling family breakdown a top priority.” Read more

For some, Ely cathedral might be seen as a monolithic anachronism amid an intellectual ‘landscape’ where ‘reason is king and science is his crown’. Yet earlier this summer the so-called ‘ship of the fens’, taking a multi-disciplinary, liberal arts-style approach, opened its doors to more than 1700 pupils from over 30 schools for a festival of science – proof that religion and science can be taught in tandem. Read more

The former education secretary wants her new book to be a ‘gentle reminder’ to the DfE about the importance of her flagship policy. Introducing character education need not impose huge demands on schools, despite research citing staff time and capacity as the biggest barriers to its provision, Nicky Morgan has said. She calls for grit and resilience to be developed in children to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. Read more