NEWS – Christians in Education


Following substantial media attention on two schools in the North East, Ofsted has published a rigorous response, explaining how and why its decisions were made and addressing allegations recently voiced via the media which were not raised at any stage of the inspection process. Read more

Meanwhile, a local MP has stated in the Commons that Durham Free School employed a high number of teachers who had gone through competency procedures in other schools. She also commented on those who draw conclusions with no knowledge of the school, including a national newspaper campaign which claims that Ofsted is ‘waging war on Christian schools’. Read more

In a speech to Politiea this week, Nicky Morgan talked about why knowledge matters. As well as addressing her plan for education, including a knowledge-based curriculum and measuring value, she used the opportunity to launch a vigorous defence of the British values agenda. Read more      Read the speech

Reporting the same speech in the Telegraph, Senior Education Correspondent Christopher Hope outlines Nicky Morgan’s view that British lessons in primary schools will protect the UK from terrorism and that promoting British values is as important as promoting rigorous academic standards. Read more

David Cameron has pledged that a national Holocaust memorial and learning centre will be built in central London, making a bold statement about the importance which Britain places on preserving the memory of the Holocaust. Read more

Health workers in Blackburn this week expressed frustration at several Catholic and Muslim schools which have refused to host their sex education workshops providing information about contraception, including specialist support and advice. The workshop context extends far beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum, which the schools in question are delivering.  Several charities, however, say that this is inadequate, calling for compulsory SRE regardless of parental wishes. Read more

The government this week announced a £109 million boost to arts initiatives, to support a range of projects for children’s music, filmmaking, dance and local heritage activities. It is intended that the funding will give thousands more children an opportunity to develop their talents in arts disciplines. Read more

At the same time, following consultation, the DfE announced final content for more rigorous and demanding arts GCSEs and A levels.  Read more