REPORTS – Christians in Education

A New Settlement: Religion and Belief in Schools Westminster Faith Debate: Charles Clarke and Linda Woodhead

Is it time to re-examine the role of religion in education as defined in the 1944 Education Act in the light of contemporary beliefs and practices?

Doing God in Education  Trevor Cooling

Should religious beliefs have any place in the state funded educational institutions of a religiously diverse democracy? And should educators be free to express their views on faith or should professional integrity mean that they keep quiet? At the heart of the debate lies the question, ‘What is the purpose of education?’

Mapping the Field: the impact of schools with a Christian ethos   Elizabeth Green and Trevor Cooling

With faith schools regularly in the news, this report examines the evidence for their success. Do they really have the advantages claimed for them?  The conclusions of this research move the debate from ideological positioning to the presentation of a reasonable assessment of impact.

More than an Educated Guess: Assessing the evidence on faith schools Elizabeth Oldfield, Liane Hartnett, Emma Bailey

About 30% of maintained schools in England have a religious character. The debate surrounding their existence is often a proxy for wider disputes about the role of faith in the public arena. This report examines the evidence of impact, including claims that faith schools are divisive, elitist and offer educational advantage.

The Influence of Christian Ethos on Teaching and Learning in Church Secondary Schools Trevor Cooling, Elizabeth Green, Lynn Revell

What If Learning is a pedagogical approach to support teachers in creating a learning environment that is framed by a Christian ethos. Researchers set out to discover  whether this led to a more distinctive Christian pedagogical approach and the distinctive Christian formation of students in a church school.