VIEWS – Christians in Education


He is one of the country’s foremost writers, whose fantastical novels enthral children and adults alike. But Michael Morpugo has warned that the Government’s obsession with improving literacy threatens to stifle the next generation of storytellers. He suggested said that instead of talking about literacy when it comes to getting children to read, we should talk about ‘stories, poems, literature, creativity’. Read more

There’s nothing new in talk about a teacher recruitment crisis. Difficulty in recruiting heads; non-specialists teaching specialist subjects; even children being sent home – these are all sadly familiar. There have been crises under successive secretaries of state. Yet this present crisis feels different – more urgent and potentially more damaging. Read more from Estelle Morris

In the first of his monthly commentaries, Sir Michael Wilshaw suggests that the teaching of phonics has been one the most significant factors behind the increasing success of primary schools in England, stating that ‘nobody can still convincingly argue that systematic phonics isn’t the most effective method of teaching children to read’. Read more NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby responds

New powers to tackle Islamist extremism on campus will lead to universities banning non-Muslim speakers like Nigel Farage and Germaine Greer in efforts to demonstrate impartiality, Vince Cable has said. He also warned the crackdown will shape a society where ‘bland and uncontroversial’ views prevail, killing debate. Read more

This week, the Treasury lost its bare-knuckle fight with the House of Lords over its plan to cut working tax credits. The government says it must slash the welfare budget rapidly. Their lordships disagreed. There is one obvious solution: to help people improve their skills through part-time study in order to get better-paid jobs. Read more

On an almost daily basis we hear from educators, politicians and commentators on what needs to change in education. But we rarely hear from parents, despite the fact they have a clear perspective on the outcomes. It’s their children that the system teaches and they see first hand whether it’s working. Read more