VIEWS – Christians in Education


A specialist body of safeguarding officers should be set up within or separately from Ofsted because inspections are ‘too short’ to cover the issue properly and safeguarding pupils was ‘too important’ to be assessed as part of wider inspections every few years, a multi-academy trust executive has said. Read more

The next generation of corporate leaders are being taught risky practices with little regard for ethics. Educators need to challenge the status quo. It’s time to take on greed and business schools must engage in intellectual activism. Read more

So much work has been done by so many over the past 100-plus years to end the prejudices that blight society. To end racism, to end sexism and the denigration and abuse of women, to end prejudice and injustice based on sexuality or background or income. Yet the battle seems to be going backwards. Read more

Schools are supposed to teach kids HOW to think for themselves, not WHAT to think. So why are so many liberal teachers bullying and brain-washing children with their own intolerant views? Read more from Katie Hopkins, writing in the Daily Mail

To be a Christian and an MP is increasingly difficult in Britain, a Catholic MP has said. In an podcast interview for the Catholic Herald, Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset, said that while he had been ‘very lucky’ and found being both a Christian and a politician ‘relatively straightforward’, it was ‘becoming more difficult’ for most politicians of faith. Read more

We are driving children so hard that we are making them sick, and ministers and policy wonks don’t seem to care, writes one investigative journalist after his five-year-old daughter came home a couple of weeks ago complaining of a sore tummy. The reason? She said she was feeling under pressure over the amount of writing she was having to do in class. Read more