VIEWS – Christians in Education


An anti-Semitism row has erupted at Bristol University as lecturers rally round an academic who claimed Jews should stop ‘privileging’ the Holocaust. The university is investigating Dr Rebecca Gould,  reader in translation studies and comparative literature, after she was accused of using ‘the language of Holocaust denial’ in an article. Read more

If there is any ambition to preserve the UK as an entity, schools have an essential role to play. It is hard to think of anywhere else that has abandoned schools as a key means of nation building. Post Brexit, it will be interesting to see if that ambition exists in the four countries of the UK. Read more

Over 5,000 teachers in the UK have been trained to teach mindfulness, according to the Mindfulness Initiative, and that number is growing all the time. It’s a meditation technique being used to help pupils improve their mental well-being. A BBC reporter went to visit one primary school in London to find out from the pupils themselves how it makes them feel. View the video

The Bishop of Ely, the Rt Revd Stephen Conway, the Church of England’s Lead Bishop on Education, set out this week why he supports incorporating age-appropriate sex and relationship education into the national curriculum in order to equip children for the world in which they live. Read more