VIEWS – Christians in Education


Universities have undergone a secular transformation. Now, religion’s on the back foot, and discrimination in favour of religion has reversed. Now, there is evidence of discrimination against religion. Do universities need to become more faith friendly? Read more

Responding to the epidemic of ‘sexting’ and warning of the dangers of pornography is hugely important and it may be dealing with the effects rather than the causes is where we find ourselves.  It is, however, one more sign that education today is in an uneasy place. Read more

Proposals to make RSE mandatory in schools have been enthusiastically welcomed by all but religious conservatives. But whilst the proposals are a step in the right direction, the decision to allow parental opt-outs and give faith schools leeway to teach the subject in accordance with their religion means some children will be left behind. Is this acceptable? Read more

They will hate you because of who I am,’ Jesus says in the Gospels. He forgot to add: ‘And the ones who don’t have a clue will point and laugh.’ It’s a lesson Carol Monaghan has learned abruptly. People of faith are being driven from public life, but the moral authority of the church is not something that can be tucked away. Read more