VIEWS – Christians in Education


Equality does not call us to be identical. If we were identical equality would become a non-existent concept. Only when people are different does equality become desirable and worthy. So why the great palaver? If equality is not an issue, is diversity the requirement for great reams of policy? It shouldn’t be, because it is the flip side of equality – we are different but equal, we accept and embrace diversity. Read more

In its well-meaning attempt to broaden its social mix, Oxbridge has accidentally achieved the opposite: creating a sterile, conformist, PC monoculture of earnest state-indoctrinated Stakhanovites from which the children of the sun have been all but expunged, exiled to more simpatico institutions like Durham, Bristol and Edinburgh, whose standards have been raised greatly by this influx of talent. Read more

Dads who want to be more involved in their children’s lives fear damaging their careers and denting their family’s income if they ask for flexible hours or parental leave, a hearing on working fathers heard. Experts told parliament’s women and equalities committee inquiry that men should have the right to a period of paid leave allocated only to them to tackle a woefully low take-up rate after the flagship policy was introduced in April 2015. Read more

The Department for Education is to investigate faith schools implicated in the ostracisation of children of transgender parents highlighted by a recent family court ruling. In a letter to the National Secular Society, schools minister Lord Nash said the behaviour by schools referred to in the ruling was ‘unacceptable’. Read more