VIEWS – Christians in Education


The danger with not choosing a god for yourself, is that other people may choose him for you. Beware the ‘equality-god’; he is becoming more demanding; recently he has made looking people in the eye considerably more dangerous. Now the State decides if you have committed a thought crime, a blasphemy against the equality-god. Read more

Suppression of freedom of speech in universities is ‘one of the greatest problems of our time’, a former chancellor has warned. Lord Lawson said that political correctness is a ‘great blight of our age’, adding students often have their way because of ‘totally supine’ university authorities. Read more

Legislation introducing compulsory relationships and sex education (RSE) in all English schools has now officially become law, after the Children and Social Work Bill was given Royal Assent this week. The change will mean that for the first time all secondary schools in England will have to provide RSE to their pupils, while all primary schools will have to provide relationships education to their pupils. Read more

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the Education Reform Act 1988 which saw the introduction of a national curricular entitlement for all pupils. One subject alone remains set apart from this – religious education. The religious education syllabus is still decided locally by committees of faith representatives, or worse, by religious bodies responsible for running faith schools. We need a 21st century RE for all. Read more