VIEWS – Christians in Education


Evangelist J John has hit out at the BBC for its coverage of religion. In a long blog post he accuses the BBC of discriminating against ‘mainstream, Bible-based, ‘traditional” Christianity’, saying it is ‘either under-reported, misreported or merely selectively covered by the BBC, whether that be on the radio, television or digital media’. Read more

If education-based discussions in 2018 have been defined principally by one thing, it would be digital safeguarding. We cannot allow the government to add rules about pupil use of social media to teachers’ never-ending to-do list. Tackling the negative side effects must be a joint effort involving parents, pupils and providers, writes Tes’ mental health columnist. Read more

Building a bond with your students is essential to their success in your class and it’s the small stuff that will make a big difference. Whatever age the students are, it can be your relationship with them that dictates their educational success – or failure. For our youngest children, if they don’t like you or they are afraid of you, they will cry. The older ones are likely to choose a subject to study at GCSE because they like – or don’t like – their teacher. Read more

The growing belief that the concept of social mobility is an attack on working-class values threatens to divide our education system along academic and vocational lines, warns Michael Merrick. It would be a tragedy if young people were denied access to our wonderful shared cultural inheritance. Read more